caoilinn, they/them, very passionate roll of bread


in capitalism, a member of the bourgeoisie hoarding product and stockpiling things for the market can control supply and drive up the price of their goods, enabling them to accumulate more capital.

in communism, a worker hoarding their produce would have a house full of rotting grain and a bunch of neighbors who think they’re an asshole


scully in 1x02

forgot to add to voice meme

i did another voice meme in which i try not to swear as much but i did anyway i also dont know anything

ask me things

i feel like doing voice memes ive already done 2

i did the voice meme thing for yowapeda please ignore my botched pronunciations & stuffed up nose.  artwork made by junjouprince


its arakita


its arakita


youre gonna look so goddamn cool

im getting teary because i love yowapeda.  i love it so much i just watched all the previews and am listening to the 2nd op.  everyone please go watch yowamushi pedal

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